A simple way to crowdsource ideas, track interest, and prioritize what to work on next.

1. Create a Room.

Rooms are where you place your topics. Topics are ideas, features, or things for which you'd like help prioritizing.

2. Add Your Topics.

Include attachments and have meaningful conversations around your ideas with customers or stakeholders.

3. Start Voting & Prioritizing.

Keep your ideas private amongst your team or share your room with others so that they can help you prioritize and provide you with their feedback on your ideas.

👆 Start your no-risk 14-day free trial. No Credit Card Required. During your trial, you'll get to test drive all of Treefort’s features! Once you're ready to upgrade, it’s a minor investment of $10.00 a month.

“I've seen other apps try to do this, but this one is a lot cleaner. What has caught my attention with Treefort is that it provides a way for our customers to better vote and share their opinions on what we could prioritize.” - Sean from Zapier

“Treefort is a great idea! At Box, we used Trello to try and hack this, but this format is much better! I think companies would pay $10K/yr for a full-featured platform!” - Ted from WorkRamp

“This is a pretty slick tool! I've been using some combination of Trello and Google Forms to roadmap and gather feedback, but this can do two-in-one!” - Taylor from Lucidchart and UXTools.co